Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey, I'll get those Vegas pictures for everybody real soon. I'd also like to congradulate my buddy Dan on getting that promotion. The red stapler is in the mail. On a somewhat related note, I'd like to share my fortune cookie message that I opened today. After putting off exersizing because I was tired, and then I was too warm to actually clean up so I asked Lisa to do it, and then I just laid there as we each pulled on one end of the cookie, I got the weirdest 'fortune' i'd ever recieved.
What the hell kind of (scarily accurate) fortune is that? Never before have I opened a fortune that starts off by telling me my faults. Next i'll open one that goes "Heres where you went wrong, Ian...." Thanks chinese restraunt. If I believed in fortunes and horoscopes i'd be pretty upset.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

First post!

Hello. Let me be the first to welcome you here. Its safe, and you won't be eaten by a grue as long as you stay close and keep your lantern on. Whats that? You don't carry a lantern with you wherever you go? Well, I guess you can bask in my lantern light for now. But you really should get your own.

I just flew back from Vegas (and boy are my arms tired). It was a family reunion and a celebration of my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, along with my grandpa's 87th birthday. I never realized how much family I had. It seems most everybody either lives in Las Vegas or Canada. It was awesome seeing everybody, and I might post a few pics as soon as we finish the slow process of getting all the digital and analog film into a somewhat central database. My mom still uses regular film, so she has to wait until they dust off the machine that still devlopes pictures.

I didn't have time to gamble. I really really wanted to, but there just wasn't enough time with all the other stuff. Next time, I swear. As a side thought, anybody who wants to go to Las Vegas with me please let me know. I'm planning a trip a few months out My sister is going too. I know Dan won't go, but Matt, Panch, Matt, and James, and anybody else on my small friend's list - i'm looking in your directions.